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Top Upcoming Summer Anime 2021

Hi, are you excited for a brand new Summer Season as I am. Well, here are my four most anticipated upcoming Anime.

1) Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S

I have watched the first season so many times, and I cannot wait for the 2nd Season.

2) Second season of Slime

Millium is now a maou. How would this series progress? Cannot wait for it.

3) Sonny Boy

Empty classrooms, boring days. It was supposed to be a normal summer vacation just like any other. Suddenly, the school begins to drift through another dimension, and 36 boys and girls are left there, awakening to their supernatural abilities. Amidst the whirlpool of questions that come to mind one after another, survival in a supernatural world begins. With it’s realistic animation, what would it bring to us? Can’t wait.

4) Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi

It has been 800 years since the battle gods "Idaten", who boast overwhelming speed and strength, contained the "demons" who led the world to ruin after a fierce battle. "That battle" is now just an old tale in a distant myth. While the "peaceful generation of the gods," who have never fought since they were born, are out of peace, someone has revived the demons from a long sleep! Bring armed forces, wisdom, politics, conspiracy, whatever you can use! No-rule & no-limit three-way battle royale is about to begin!!!

It got action, comedy, and drama! The trailer looked amazing and I can’t wait for it!!

So, these are the animes I am anticipating would be a hit. Please tell me what do you think!!!!

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