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Top 5 Anime Cafe to visit in Tokyo

1. Pokemon CafeThe cafe is swarming with beautiful Pokemon's waiting for you to catch 'em all. This is one of the most popular anime cafe. They serve delicious Pokemon themed Food.

Number 2 on our list is Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty serving beautiful Hello Kitty themed food. The food is delicious and the design is aesthetic!

One piece has its own amusement parks, so it does not surpise anyone that it also has a cafe named after our favorite Pirate crew. Cafe De Mugiwara is number 3 on our list. Every One piece Fan should visit atl east one to get a taste of the Cafe!

Did you know Doraemon has it's own Museum? and the best part is that Mesuem has its own cafe. Number 4 on our list in the Doraemon Cafe. It is one of the oldest running anime, running since 1970's, so it is a must for every Otaku to visit.

Gundam Cafe is the last one of our list, but not the least one. It is a must for every Mecha fan. The lines to get in the cafe are long, so you should try to go early as possible. You can enjoy the great food, and take pictures with the Human sized Gundams.

What do you think about our list? Have you visit any of the cafes? Are there any cafes we missed on our list. Please tell us in the comments!

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