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The spyxfamily inspired cafe promotion is coming in Japan

Chugai Grace Cafe in Sbibuya is doing a Spyxfamily cafe promotion! The Chugai Grace Cafe will operate in the 7th floor of the Shibuya Modi building in Tokyo from June 2 to 19.

The items include a parfait inspired by the series' Stella star motif, a pancake inspired by Anya's appearance and her love of nuts, Yor's "bloody" orange juice, and Yuri's favored wine. Also, omurice with the word "Sorry" on it,a reference to Anya's attempts at apology to Damian.

Customers will also get a free coaster with randomly selected super-deformed character art for each purchase. The café will also sell an assortment of character goods based on the café's key visual.

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