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Review of One piece 1015 Chapter (Warning Spoilers Ahead!)

The chapter 1015 starts with the usual Oda's fulfilling the fan requests. It was this time Senor being mistaken as a baby and being carried by a crane. Then we get into the main chapter. Everyone on Onishigima, except the strawhats, is stunned to learn about Luffy being thrown in the sea. The moral of the intruders is down and even Chopper is crying. The Queen tries to take advantage of this Chaos and attacks Chopper who is then saved by Sanji. Sanji consoles Chopper that Luffy would not die. Sanji leaves injured Zoro to Chopper and takes on Queen, one of the All stars. I can't wait for this epic fight!!! Sanji taking on Queen.

Meanwhile, Kin'emon is severly injured by Kaido. His sword is broken. He tries for a final slash, but is killed by Kaido, while Momonosuke escapes. It is the end of Kin'emon ( I am super emotional writing this). Kaido pays his respect to the fallen Samurai. Momonuske is crying and remembers his past with Kin'emon.

Kaido then again goes to finish Momonosuke. Then, Momonsuke captures a communication frog and crying announces to everyone that Luffy is saying to him,' Tell everyone that I am still alive and would defeat Kaido'. Luffy and Momonuske communicate through their mysterious communication powers. Everyone hears it and the moral is backup.

Trafaglar's crew pick up Luffy in their sumbarine. Finally, just as Kaido is about to capture Momonuske, Yamato comes on to the scene and challenges his Father.

Can't wait for the new Chapter. Sanji vs Queen! Yamato vs Kaido! and Luffy is finally rescued. It is sure to be an epic one!

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