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Painting and drawing tips

Every been interested in painting and drawing on a canvas??? Well it's quite simple once you get started

1. choose the size canvas you want ! You can buy them at Walmart, Amazon and Michael's

2.if you aren't good with drawing simple circle grab a circle top to help you out* but you also want keep practicing drawing circles* and not depend on the top

3. Get you a pencil, eraser, sharpie and ruler * I like the ruler because it helps broke section where you need to add eyes , nose, and mouth* it give you a better view.

4. If you don't have any ideas on what to draw use Google to look up ideas. * Google is your best friend* even with drawing tips*

5. Make sure you don't erase so hard because it will leave marks !!!

6. Take your time, start off simple and have fun !

7. Don't compare your art to others and embrace your artistic abilities!

More tips next week !!!

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