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One Piece 1016: Yamato vs Kaido ( The battle between daughter and Father)

Is Yamato going to be the new member of Strawhats? Comment below to tell us what you think.

Hi guys, I am here again with another review of the One piece latest manga chapter.

Everyone is celebrating the fire festival in the capital of Land of Wano. A huge fire is lit. Toko believes that her father, yasue, can also see it from the sky. Then, the battle on Onigashima continues. CP0, the world’s strongest Intelligence unit is overviewing the battle of Onigashima. CP0 believes that the battle maybe about to be turned in favor of the strawhats and Samurais. While everyone believes, that Zeus was eaten, but he transferred to Nami’s Climatact. Suddenly, the news is being transferred that both Momonuske and Luffy have fallen.

Ootama is caught by Ulti, and is angry at her because she kept converting enemies into allies. Ussop falls down and Nami attacks Ulti, but it does not do any damage to her. Zeus recommends that she has been weakened by the damage from the attack form bigmom. So, she only needs a thunder strike to defeat her. Nami uses a thunderstrike, but it does not work. So, Ussop uses his attack to distract Ulti. Then Zeus uses his own power to increase the power of thunderbolt and as a result Ulti is defeated. Ootama also somehow takes control of the transmissions.

At the top of Onigashima Yamato challenges her father. Kaido says that he would not show any mercy. Yamato claims that she will go with Luffy and travel the Seas after Kaido’s defeat. Kaido proclaims both Momonosuke and Luffy are dead. But, Yamato says she will not defeat her, but she will only hold off Kaido until Luffy arrives. There would be a break next week of one piece.

Please comment and tell us what you think would happen in the next chapter. Also check out our website for more:

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