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Katsudon Recipe

Tis the time for weekly anime and Japanese recipes.

This week Sweetokies got for you Katsudon.It is one of the most loved dishes in Japan. So here we go.


1 slice of pork loin



2 tbsp of fish sauce

Flour for dusting

1 tbsp of water

½ cup of panko bread crumbs

50 ml of water

1 tbsp of soy sauce

1 tbsp of mirin

¼ of dashi stock

1 tsp of sugar

⅓ an onion

2 eggs

1 cup of cooked rice

Cooked peas (optional)

Pork loin

Make small cuts on the pork loin.

Season the pork loin with salt and pepper on both sides.

Coat the pork loin in flour on both sides.

Whisk 1 egg and 1 tbsp of water and mix well. Coat the floured pork loin with the egg mixture.

Coat the pork loin with panko bread crumbs and set aside.

Heat oil in a saucepan or a deep fryer till the oil bubbles. Submerge the pork loin into the oil and fry till golden brown.

Set the pork loin aside and use paper towels to soak excess oil.

Cut the pork loin into slices.


Slice the onion thinly.

Add soy sauce, sugar, mirin, and dashi stock into a pan on medium heat. Mix well till everything is dissolved.

Add sliced onion and lower the heat to a simmer. Cook for 5 minutes or till the onion is translucent.

Crack an egg and whisk it in a bowl.

Place the pork loin atop the onion and pour the beaten egg in.

Cover the pan with a lid for less than 1 minute.

Add cooked peas and serve it with a bowl of rice. (Optional)

While it looks Difficult, it will be totally worth it.

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