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Japanese Lemon with honey recipe

This week in Anime recipes we are bringing you 'Japanese lemon honey slices' or as they are known in Japan, 'tsukemono'. Enjoy the sweet and tangey flavor of this Japanese recipe. It is mostly shown in sports anime like Kuroko no basuke as it is seen as a rejuvenating dish. So, lets get started!

Ingredients: Organic Lemons or Yuzu (a japanese citrus fruit) Honey Steps: Cut the lemons into 1/4-inch-thick slices, discarding both ends of each fruit. Remove the seeds from the lemons. Arrange the lemon slices in the container, leaving little room between each. Pour honey over the top of the lemons until they are covered completely. Cover the container and place it in your refrigerator for two to three weeks. Serve.

You can also mix it together with hot water for a warming beverage or use the lemon pieces in a hot tea or mixed together with a vinegared dish for a subtle sweetness. Simple enough, right? Let us know if you try making this Japanese dish. We would love to get your feedback.

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