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Ham Noodles from the Toho Movie Ponyo!

This week's Recipe is Ham Noodles from the Toho Movie Ponyo! Now, first of all the Ingredients:

1 packet of instant noodles


1 slice of cooked ham

1 egg

Green onion


Boil water.

Transfer the boiling water into a saucepan. Add the egg and add more boiling water until the egg is fully submerged.

Cover the saucepan with a lid and wait for about 8 minutes. Proceed to Step 5 in the meantime.

After 8 minutes, retrieve the hard-boiled egg, cut it into half, and set aside.

Chop green onion into bits.

Slice the ham into halves. Put both ingredients aside.

Add instant noodles in a bowl. Pour boiling water over the noodles and cover with a lid. Set aside for 3 minutes.

After the first minute, separate the noodles and add in ham, hard-boiled egg and green onion. Cover the ramen bowl with a lid again.

Wait for 2 more minutes and the dish is ready.

If you make this famous Japanese and Anime dish please do share with us!

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