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Furikake Rice from Food Fights

In this week's anime recipe we bring to you Furikake rice made famous by the second episode of Food Fights!

First of all Ingredients:


2 tbsp of sesame oil

7-8 chicken wings

2 tsp of bonito or fish soup stock

5-6 cups of water for the broth, and ½ cup of water for the gelatin

2 tsp of grated ginger

1 tbsp of sugar

3 tbsp of light soy sauce

1/4 cup of sake

2 tbsp of gelatin

4 eggs

2 green onions

1 cup of white rice

Cooking Steps:

Broth and chicken wings

Heat the pan and add in sesame oil. Once heated, fry the chicken wings till it’s golden brown on both sides. Keep the sesame oil and set the chicken wings aside.

Pour water and soup stock into a pot till the mixture boils. Add the cooked chicken wings and cook it in medium to low heat.

Add ginger, soy sauce, sugar, and sake into the sesame oil in a pan. Mix well.

Transfer everything into the simmering broth for 20 minutes. Remove the layer of scum, if there’s any.

Remove the chicken wings from the pot and set aside.


Mix gelatin and half a cup of water together, then add into the broth. Mix again.

Prepare a tray and coat it with butter. Add the broth and wrap it with cling film before putting it into a fridge for 2 hours.

The end-product is a solidified broth. Slice it into small cubes.

Scrambled eggs

Add eggs into a bowl and whisk it.

Prepare a pan on low heat and pour in the whisked eggs.

Continue whisking the eggs on the heated pan until it has semi-solidified.

Furikake Rice

Slice green onions into fine bits.

Prepare a bowl of rice and add scrambled eggs until it covers the rice.

Debone the chicken wings and add it onto your rice, or place it separately on another plate.

Sprinkle the gelatin cubes and watch it melt over the eggs and rice.

It is definitely worth the effort. If you make this recipe,please do share with us your experience.

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