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Forming a cosplay community!

Attention Cosplayers!

We are planning to be making our anime community with more cosplayers! So, Each week we will be featuring a new cosplayer. No matter if you are a beginner or professional. Your cosplay is accepted here. You can submit as many as you want, but we do ask please give others a chance to be a feature. All we ask is to tag us, share the post so that we can reach all cosplayers! We are trying to grow our anime community so Nakama cosplayers can share their cosplay looks, help new cosplayers, and promote our culture. No one overshadows no one. We all are equal. We look forwards to working with you guys! Welcome to SweetOkie's Anime Café.

How to submit your cosplay photo:

1: Click on the link below

2: Fill out the information

3: Upload your photo

4: Description of your cosplay and your cosplayer name

No explicit pictures are allowed, please!

Tik Tok videos are allowed!

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