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Columbia Naruto Cosplay Photoshoot Meet UP

Calling all OTAKU’s and WEEB’s in Columbia SC….

SweetOkie’s is currently arranging Cosplay Meetups if you're a cosplayer wishing to take photos with others cosplaying from the same series. Let’s come together and take fun photos while meeting new people and celebrating Naruto fandom!

No matter if you are beginning or professional come join us with our favorite anime photographer Terrell Maxell.

These are the officially scheduled group photoshoots for cosplayers. These planned photoshoots are divided into themes or series.

Attendees will come at the allocated place at the scheduled time for photo opportunities planned and overseen by the Host.

Est 8-9 people at a time, Snacks and beverages are available.

This is a no judgment event; we are here to have fun and make awesome pictures.

Please park in the first citizens parking

Location (911 lady street Suite G Columbia SC, 29201 )

Date (Jan 22,2022)

Time (5pm-8pm)

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