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Anime Visual Language

Anime visual language sets to convey the characters’ emotions and state of mind. Instead of expressing these in words, visual language is used to express these emotions. These visual languages are standard in all Anime. You must have noticed them too, whether its nosebleeds, literally crying a river, electricity between two rivals, and so more.

Visual language also represents a character’s uniqueness. In the character visualization, fruits basket is an anime which represents this uniqueness. The anime is based on twelve Zodiac signs, and each Zodiac signs haunts a member of the Soma Family.

Each of these characters is seen to represent the uniqueness of the animals they have been possessed by. Take, Kyou, For example, who is possessed by the Cat Spirit. He hates water, loves fish, and gets lazy on the day it rains. Cat ears also seem to pop out from time to time.

This anime visualization is what makes anime so aesthetically pleasing to watch. The standardization of the visualization makes it easy to recognize the Anime verse. No words are needed to represent a character’s emotional state, only visualization

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