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Is working at a maid cafe something you've always wanted to do?

Then become a member of SweetOkie's team!

We are here to provide the best possible service to our masters and ladies. But, at the same time, have a good time and do what we love while pleasing our masters and ladies.

You'll be surrounded by incredible people, dressed up in cute maid and butler attire, performing dance routines, and attending several anime theme evenings!

The best thing is that you get to make your own debut!

So, get as pumped as we are!!!

SweetOkie’s Brand Ambassador Opportunity:

You don't want to wait for SweetOkie's Maid and Bulter’s Application to be released?

Then apply to be a brand ambassador for SweetOkie’s?
Do you have a distinctive and outgoing personality?
Anime and Manga are your two favorite things to watch and read.
Are you comfortable in front of the camera and enjoy dressing up?

Well, you're exactly the type of person we're searching for our brand.
As an ambassador, each month you will receive four different merch products, chances to be featured on the store's social media, a higher opportunity to earn a position at the company and a 25% discount for all your followers.

Sounds like a good fit for you? please download and fill out the form.

SweetOkie’s Maid's and Bulter's

My name is June, and I'd love to introduce myself to you. It's great to meet everyone; I enjoy helping others and cosplaying. Serving our masters and princesses is a passion for me. I'm really excited to meet everyone soon, so that we can be kawaii together.

Hey Master’s and Princesses! My name is Reba and I love cosplaying, reading fan fiction and manga. I have been waiting to meet everyone! We hope that time comes soon, but until then Welcome to SweetOkie’s Anime Café!

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