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Purpose of

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We're a woman-owned business, and we're quite proud of it. We've all struggled to find an anime community where we could fit in or a place where we could be ourselves. We've all been there, scrolling endlessly through various forums in quest of an anime location that fits our tastes or isn't too far away. After all, it was this hardship that inspired us to open SweetOkie's Anime Cafe.
Finding a place where weebs, otaku, and newbies are welcome should not be difficult. This is where we can assist you! You won't have to hunt for a place where you'll fit in. We're here to create an incredible anime community as well as an incredible anime social café that will open next year. We strive to provide you unique animation experiences that you won't find anywhere else. Everyone is welcome to join us on this anime culture experience. As you can see, we're working hard to deliver things like weekly cosplay, art, and a variety of live pop-up events to our community. There will be wonderful anime-style street snacks, live music, and a relaxing ambiance in our café. Who's up for the experience? Weebs, Otaku, and Newbies are all welcome.

The SweetOkie's Founder

SweetOkie's Anime Café was founded by Tierra. She's been watching anime since she was 11 years old, and it's been her love ever since. In her spare time, she enjoys cosplaying and painting anime art! SweetOkie's was created because she wanted to provide a place for anime, comic, and cosplay fans to feel welcome and be surrounded by individuals who shared our interests. Tierra's goal is to open a social anime café in the South Carolina area where people can enjoy wonderful food, theme nights, and live music, but in the meanwhile, she's been doing live anime pop-up events and providing an online anime community for Weebs and Otaku.
Tierra is well-known in the anime world for her professionalism, compassion, and enthusiasm when it comes to offering services. She is committed to provide the anime community with a long-awaited physical location in South Carolina. 
So please stay tuned to see how she develops over the course of this adventure!

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